We helped the Mexican restaurant chain Chilango create their brand film to help support the launch of their most recent CrowdFund campaign. We produced an MTV/HINRG approach by giving the treatment authentic Mexican zing and bite, helping us to get real ‘cut through’ in this incredibly crowded market. We took inspiration from the vibrant world of Chilango, and shot on location across three of its prime London restaurants. The campaign consisted of a 20″ Teaser, the main five minute funding video and then six ‘investor’ pieces that we produced to help support the campaign throughout its duration.

Within 1hr of the campaign going live Chilango raised over 100k, the video helped to push their funding well over their target of £1 Million by day 10, and the funding kept going and going and going and going – finally reaching a phenomenally spicy total of £3 MILLION by the end of the 28 day campaign. Burritos all round!

Teaser Video